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Bi-Planer Sortation Chains

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U.S. Tsubaki welds hold better.
Most manufacturers use hand welds, which frequently intro duce defects into the chain system. We developed an auto matic method to weld the bosses to the sidebars. Welds are consistently sound and the proper size.

Sidebars are treated for extra strength and long wear.
We heat-treat sidebars with atmosphere-controlled furnaces to match the carbon levels. Temperatures are controlled by microprocessors to maintain proper austenitizing and tem pering conditions. The result is stronger chains for your sortation machinery.

Quality checks ensure accuracy.
We test every temper load to make sure parts meet your speci fications. That means you get reliable chain for your operation.

Select the right chain for your application.
Sortation and Bi-planer Chains are usually supplied in either 9" or 12" pitch. Attachments are welded boss or E-Style. They can be furnished with Urethane, Hytrel, or UHMW rollers.


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