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Poultry Processing (Drop Forged Rivetless Chains)

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Poultry Processing
We make several types of chains and sprockets that are used extensively in poultry processing. X-Style and Barloop Style Drop Forged Rivetless Chains are used in overhead trolley conveyors, which move birds and drive processing equipment. The links on the Barloop Style are usually connected with a bolt and threaded lock nut for easy assembly and disassembly. For extended wear, select Ultra Wear Life-Drop Forged Rivetless Chain, an innovative product that extends wear life of rivetless chain 40 percent or more. This extraordinary performance is achieved with special steels and a proprietary pin hardening process. The result is a pin with a very hard, wear-resistant surface over a ductile core. UWL-Drop Forged Rivetless Chain is available in both X-Style and Barloop Style.

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Pino Com Maior Dureza "Ultra Wear Life" Para Maior Desempenho


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